Poetic Justice

Written by: Timothy Jacks

I look inside you
I step inside then
Well, well, look what I find here

Is this place Hell 
Where my steps have led me
She calls me the Devil
Well that sounds just like him

Comteplations of direct hits
Night Marches regardless
If I’m the Archer or the target
Your still a part of
The weapons aimed in my direction

Shells, Shields, Force fields
Special Forces
Black opts, Black Hawks
Solid truths in soft words
Infrared, GPS, global positional satellites  
Inferred here, I’m speaking from the third person

a glutton for punishment, a fly in the ointment 
there are no flies on somebody
I’m Dynamic, I’m a driving force
I’m vigorous, full of energy, poetically spoken I got a purpose
Poetic Justice
Poet Destroyer
I tell you in Latin, I’m Acinonyx jubatus
Imma Cheetah
My words travel faster than a Leopard 
I ain't no follower, I ain't no lemming 
A Legend lends itself to something
Legitimately speaking

“To the system, I speak into the Universe
In the light years I splash and play in”