Precious moment figurine May Your Every Wish Come T

Written by: Seren Roberts

It is my birthday, the cake is so fine
Covered in icing with candles of nine

I have on my hat the paper  kind
I close my eyes and search my mind

What can I wish for, what do i want
This to me is a special moment.

Is it wealth or material things
Or a host of Angels with wings

A new puppy maybe, now that idea is great
But my Mam says for that I must wait

Is it happiness for all, yes I wish that
But thats not good enough, nor is a cat
I know  what I will wish for its something new
My wish is " May Your Every Wish Come True"

So now as I blow out my candles 1,2,3,4
Thats half the wish accounted for

5,6,7,8,9 out of puff now
Thats all of them out soooo

Lets enjoy the cake, thats my first wish  to you
Hope the things  you wish for follow through