Blue Day

Written by: Brandlynn Young

I woke up this morning rolled over in bed
It was the weekend by the way
I knew right off by the mood I was in 
That this would be a blue day

The sun was shinning cheerily
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky
Why I was grumpy, I’ll never know
I will never know just why

When the day is blue, I’m not talking about the color
But the mood that I’m in instead
There is no food that will comfort me
When I get up this way out of bed

 I was having a good hair day my teeth seemed extra white
But I thought I looked like a big blob
I got even grumpier when I was by myself
After my husband left for his job

I hate having days that are like this
The days that are oh so blue
I’m mean to myself and everyone else
Antidepressants are way past due!