Silent cry of Loneliness

Written by: Lillie Williams

Silent cry of Loneliness

Setting by the window
Feeling all alone
Wishing and hoping someone
Would call me on the phone
Feeling hurt, broke down
And so depressed
Looking at my life
Wondering what a mess

Empty on the inside
Is what I now feel
Realizing in my heart that
The pain is now real
No one will call or
Speak to me a word
The silence of loneliness
Now can be heard

Lonely and ashamed with
My head hanging low
Crying many tears flowing
Freely than before
All kind of thoughts keep
Flashing through my mind
And I try to defeat them
Time after time

Can anyone see the
Loneliness deep inside
Can you see within myself
What I try hard to hide
The silence of loneliness
Is pleading for help
Fighting with the emptiness
Deep within myself

This disease has left me
In a nerve wrecking state
Begging and pleading 
Before it’s too late
Calling on someone to
Give me a hand
Someone who cares and
Really understand

What can I do, and
What is my choice?
Not even a sound,
Not even a voice
All that I see is a 
Much horrifying end
This is what happens 
When you trust loneliness 
To be your friend.