Whatever Does It Mean

Written by: Leonard Taormina

Stirring with they’re spoons wishing;
Perhaps anticipation has them twitching
And bad bears are they’re always itching;
For those salmon eggs they’re fishing.
     Have they showed a ticket going nowhere?
     And are sublime of thought and often without care;
     And have you ever heard them swear
     That it wasn’t them they wouldn’t dare
And when a writer pens a sonnet;
And leaves it there for comment;
Do the ladies all wear bonnets?
And men’s lapels do they have flowers on it
    And the jokester as he chuckles;
    At those whose thumbs they’ve suckled
    Big laughter bangs its knuckles
    And the fat men they lose their buckles
But there is no need to worry;
And you needn’t bother to get bogged;
Just simply grab a tumbler;
And fill it full with grog.