Lifes troubles

Written by: Leanne Perks

We live in a fearsome world where nothing seems right
And you don’t feel safe especially at night.
It is full of bloodshed and violence 
With anger and war,  can this world
Take much more.
The damage cannot be undone, the effects of
Pollution has already won as the ozone layer
Is fading away with the sunlight turning
To grey  as summerdays we once knew
Are few, rather we have rain that flows
Like rivers that never end, floodings
Across the globe affecting people’s livelihoods,
 and peace of mind  people
Truly wish to find as darkness and despair
They cry out Does anyone really care,
Wondering what life will throw their way
Next as life is so full of change as unforeseen
Occurrences befall us all without much warning
At times.

Surely we can agree that the world seems beyond help and 
The evil acts that take place is a cry in shame and 
Brings sheer disgrace to the human race.
What can be done in this ever-changing world that we live,
Can we improve and make it a better place to live
With happy smiley people with hearts full of
Love wanting to give to others 
Treating eachother as though they were a sister
Or brother.
Living in Peace and harmony 
With plenty of food to feed
A multitude no matter what their race
They have a place to call home
With food on the table and
A bed at night to keep them warm.

Life would be much better adding meaning and to
Make living more worthwhile, 
 Bringing much joy  really making you smile.
Always have hope in your heart
That someday we can all be part of a world
Where we live in
Peace and Happiness and life everlasting 
That will not cease.