Resistance Eyes

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Resistance eyes are watching you, resistance eyes are brave and true.
Evil of this world is our enemy, the New World Order is the head of
this obscenity, destroying nations , blood on their hands, resistance
eyes will make a stand, won't be afraid, love in our hearts God is
our friend, we will shed our blood to protect the weak so one
day they can dwell in peace. Resistance eyes are for you and me,
nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, the enemy is on every side, backs
to the wall they are coming for you, wake up! wake up! before it's
too late, the fate of the world depends on you and me, resistance
eyes shine the light of truth, put on your resistance eyes it's  now or never,
don't hesitate if you do it will be too late. Save the children, save the
land, fight for freedom for every man. Feed the hungry, give the thirsty
to drink, cloth the naked, shelter the homeless, give to the poor, 
strengthen the elders, tend to the widows and orphans. Heal the
broken, bind up the wounds, the balm of healing for everyone.
Resistance eyes this is our cry, never give up, stand your ground,
hold up your heads, do the world proud. Resistance eyes are
men and you, resistance eyes are strong and true.