Too Far Broken

Written by: Sierra Biersack

Your sitting there and there's 
air going through your body, 
half filled with smoke. Your 
heart, half untouched, half 
Your looking for the lerfect 
escape, as you think you have 
found it. Little do you know, it's 
taking someone's half 
untouched heart, and its 
Breaking it into millions of 
All while your sitting there 
having the time of your life, 
while the love of your life is 
The sight of it, just the simple 
sight, a simple picture, just a 
simple word, hurts. It breaks. 
Breaks like a piece of glass 
being thrown on a concrete 
floor. Nothing, nothing can put 
that heart back together again, 
it's been broken and crushed 
too many times. All this is 
happening while your breathing 
in and out smoke, having the 
time of your life. While its 
slowly killing your lover on the 
inside, and on the outside new 
scars will be made.