Written by: Charles Clive

If you can keep your head, when calling for a vote, and knowing if you err, it’s all your fault? If you can go for those who vacillate and float when all around are begging you to halt? If you can book your posters on a local hoarding, and never think to cancel – even one? If you can grin all through a studio recording and toss the insults off as so much ‘fun’? If you can smile at Hillary all day, when once she tried to stab you in the back? If you can knock opponents out the way and not respond with cheap and heavy flack? If you can hear the pollsters latest find and then ignore their gloomy downward trend? And even if they urge you change your mind, you keep your principles and do not bend? If you can claim your action’s not for turning, when offered counter choices, now and then? If you can keep your cool when fires are burning, and hold your head up high from lesser men? If you can keep your feet upon the ground, when politics is heading for the cliff? If you can turn the Ship of State around, then I will praise you to the roof – but only IF! ~
With apologies to Rudyard Kipling for Roy Jerden's Competition.