Written by: kasim ishmael

When I meet you for Christmas
I though my lonely life has past
And god has finally smile on me
And send me someone last

And when you become my friend
It was a dream comes true
For never in my life
Have I ever met any one like you?

Some times the heart takes over
And there’s nothing you can do
And you might think it’s crazy
But I fall madly in love with you 

And when you start talking to me
But everything about you was so right
And I try my best not to fall for you
But my love has won the fight

I know now I’m lost forever
For the pain of love has sank in so deep
I swear I won’t hurt my self again
Now it’s a promise I can’t keep

I know you love me to
For the person in my heart
And because of the advice of others
You are afraid to let our romance start

I just want you to be happy
And I never want you to cry
So now I will do the wrong thing
And tell you good bye

Some times thing happens 
And you just don’t know why
Maybe I was meant to love you
And then just go away and die

True love is purely magical
Some live their whole life with out it
Its is pursued by very one
But only few are lucky to find it

I don’t know it I find it
But I know for sure I give it
And I hope one day in your life
When you’re alone you will feel it

So I will put this ring back in the box
And turn and walk out the door
And say goodbye to the girl I so love
And she will see me no more

The doubt that others put in your mind
That made you send me away 
I know if they ever find true love
They will leave you alone that day