Baby Shower

Written by: Brandlynn Young

There’s a baby shower coming up next week
I don’t think that I want to go
It hits a nerve, and a sensitive spot
I don’t want how I feel to show

I know if I go, my heart will break
And the tears just might start flowing
It breaks me down, they’re favored of God
That’s the reason I am not going

Call me jealous if you really wanna
Don’t look down your nose at me
Until you’ve faced what I’ve been through
Don’t judge me, but leave me be

When you can see all your classmates
That have always been better than you
They’re having babies and still the upper hand
Don’t look at me as you do!

If you want to go to this baby shower
I can tell you when and where it’s at
Don’t twist my are ‘cause I’m not going
I’m not going and it’s simple as that!