Kitty Purrfect and Armadilly Billy

Written by: Carol Eastman

Miss Kitty Purrfect entered our Troll community singing on a cold winter breeze.
Her tortoise mount ShowGal was white, and danced with every note and key.
Her voice rang out in purity as she sang to the moon, of her great love, yet to be.
Spanish attire, turning a saucy ankle, her flirting brought the Trolls to their knees! 

Mesmerized and drawn to her, the Trolls proclaimed she’d fit nicely at the lake.
But still, she sought her true love nightly in the wind, as hearts began to break.
The air was magical, sending her songs traveling outward, drawing the unaware.
Strangers arrived nightly, to plight their troth, sojourners caught within her snare.

But none won Miss Kitty Purrfect, not even the Trolls for long, held her awe.
Suddenly, a tornado hit town, and out of the middle came the one, to win her paw…
Armadilly Billy The Slingshot Kidster, had ridden his tortise, Jalope, back into town.
Staring deep into her eyes, waltzing her around; he captivated her heart, melting it down.

A better ladies man there never was, his attention never wavered, neither did hers.
Match for match, point for point, his spurs, her castanets added as the dance stirred.
That night, as the tornado had come in, it went out again, taking both in true love, y’all.
Now, don’t feel lost, and don’t feel low: there’s a true love waiting somewhere for all.

Even the Trolls know this is true, yes there’s one for me, and there’s one for you.
So raise your hands, and dance your dance, then sing your songs for true romance.
Wherever Miss Kitty and Armidilly Billy go, you know they’ll be, waiting for you.
The magic of song, is like the magic of the heart, once found, they’ll never be apart.

The winds of change drew them to love, now a wish: you find yours, I send in the air. 
Never fret, and never despair… this wish will always find you, somewhere out there.