Battle Cry

Written by: Christina Larmon

Seeking inspiration,
a call to all the dreamers and believers out there.

When the mundane threatens to kill the whimsy of flights of fancy,
and the grey of the day threatens to linger for what can only be perceived as an eternity
What is the dreamer to do?
What escape can be found from the endless monotony of life?
the daily drudgery for the mighty dollar
Bring me a pool of colors brighter than the bright bright sun
filled with hopes and the folly of youth
Bring me the child's eye,
which can often find the wonder and amazement that gets lost somehow as we age
Forgotten is the beauty of discovery,
the merriment of living

Calling all believers
from a prodigal child who has been put upon by the "real" world
Make me believe again 
Take me home.