Written by: TOYIN JOHN

It seemed long, veiled by  a curtain
I asked questions wanting to be certain
Why am I here? What is the purpose to all of these?
Someone please answer me! I must know, there must be a reason.

I waited, and waited, then it all began to unfold
At first I was confused, then little by little, I got it on my hold
I sat, I crawled, I stood, I walked, I fell then I walked again and I ran
It all seemed like a weaver's beam, everything fitted in its place like a band

I grew and then came the hunger for purpose, that lingering question
Why am I here? Someone, please answer me, before I let in confusion
The answer came from within, my spirit began to commune with His Spirit
Gradually, the veil started to tear but not all the way, just enough for me see

I saw that, He was there all the time, my Maker, guiding me every step of the Way
Things all of a sudden began to make sense, I was sent here for a reason and I must obey
Not just here for myself but for humanity to be touched and know that there is a purpose
Everyone means something to God, He loves, He cares and He watches over His own

He is not an impostor and will not force His way in
But He gently stands at the door of every heart, silently knocking saying, will you let me in?
I know who I am and I know whose I am
Do you?