Written by: Steven Beesley

What do I owe to be the
 receiver of such injustice
 from you?
Can you search within 
your own black heart to
 find the real reasons for
 your heinous actions.
For no one shall assist you 
in such an evil task, nor 
give you an ounce of satifaction.
To quietly ignore the acts from 
such a diabolical and fever
 devoured mind shall be my best
As I watch you slowly dig a 
trough that will surely be your own
 grave for those who know you 
will surely dance upon.
The enemy is within you, yet 
you will not see him until
 it is too late, for you to 
recant the deeds that have
 surely sealed your own fate!
If only you could cast away 
all hate, but such a task is
 a tall order for which you
 can't accede to. Await your fate!