the compliant press

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The compliant Press 

Snowstorm in America, where else? There are snowstorms 
in Scandinavia too, but how cares. In Russia 200 hundred 
people have frozen to death, the news on TV, cover  this in 
two seconds because all camera eyes are trained on America 
and its fiscal cliff-  I hope it fall in to it- and snowstorms. 
There was a time when America was important that things
of this inconsequential nature were important…no more. 
The united states of America´s parochial problems no longer
matter as it is a nation bankrupt like Hellas and sustained by 
useless wars in the Middle East. When the lords of the press
notice that their focus was wrong, the main language thought 
a university will be Chinese and Arabic. And as they gurgling 
drown in the new world order we will hear the faint echo of
democracy and freedom, none which behooves humanity well.
And the lords of the press will serve their new masters with
tame diligence as they served the old masters of power.