Filling the Squares

Written by: ilene bauer

Got my brand-new calendar;
It’s filled with empty squares.
With entries made, there’s not a chance
I’ll be caught unawares.

I mark down all important dates
So I can send a card.
When penciled in, in black and white,
It’s really not that hard.

Appointments, too, are written
So there’s no way I’ll forget;
And in my bag’s a mini date book,
Like a safety net.

My iPhone has a calendar
But so far I don’t use it.
When I have info on the wall,
There’s no way I can lose it.

So once a year, I make the switch
And transfer all my cues.
My brain needs these reminders
Or it’s apt to blow a fuse.

And as each little square fills up,
Just waiting to arrive,
Anticipation percolates;
The future comes alive.