Love Yourself

Written by: Erich Goller

Love Yourself ( Quatrain) The mind is the master power that moulds it all, It brings forth all the joy and all the ills And evermore it is the tool of thought That makes and shapes it in what it wills. Cultivate and honor your intuition. Give yourself the gift of regular solitude, Preferable in a natural environment. Learn to live with reverence and gratitude. Stay focused in the present and think positive, It shall fill your mind and help impart peace Learn to acknowledge, think peaceful thoughts, New strength and courage shall touch your heart. Express all your emotions and release them Don’t think about the world’s empty praise, It may not always be instantly answered, One of the greatest riches is true happiness. Reduce stress through practice of meditation, Reconnect with your creator, your higher self By consciously cultivating faith, hope, trust, Let it be and let it go, laugh a lot, love yourself.