A Blanket of stardust

Written by: Annalise Brigham

The sunset dazzles with its raspberry hue
And dances the Samba upon stirring waves
That copy from the skies’ patches of midnight blue
While warm winds of late summer caress my face

The noise and crowd thins and the world is now ours
Even tireless seagulls retire as further south we sail
Onward to the quiet cove where we’d play for hours
Anticipating no intrusions, birthday suits will prevail

Far away are mundane cares, left to another world
No room here for worries; all are tossed overboard
A weekend of devotion when only love unfurls
Is a special time of bonding, always on overload

Two hearts beating madly, as persistent love calls
Entwined, we lie beneath the low hung, yellow moon
While in the hush, soft sighs escape as gently waves fall
And a blanket of stardust burst above, as we spoon!

By:  Annalise
For Gail's "Blanket of Stardust" Contest