Ways to say I Love You

Written by: Seren Roberts

When it comes to being  romantic
The French have it cut and dried
When they whisper je t'aime
You feel so good  inside
The italians  are no  slouch
When its their turn to say
Cara mia, ti voglio bene
It turns my body to clay

When it comes to romance
We in Wales have a lovely word
We say darling "cariad" i love you 
Rwy'n dy garu di, is what you hear

Now you Norwegians
The words sound a bit flexy
But I am sure with your accent
Elsker deg sounds so sexy

The world over knows that
Smile and hug  or shake of the hands
Says I love you no matter  what

Please writen a verse using your language
I will edit and add it....Seren

Mandy has written

My language is English  it's very common here
But I can say I love you and hope you can hear
I love you till the cows come home and until the sun does sleep
I love you for all times, I give you these precious words to keep. xx

Andrea has written

For all gents to impress their newest dear
you can whisper softly into her ear:
"Jetaime", "Querido" " Kuss mich" or "Ti amo"
Its HOW you say it that the girls will love to hear