One Darkened Lonely Night


Midnight shadows creep with silence,
Nature senses oncoming violence.
Harvest moon engorged divine,
Humanity lost in the rusty shine.

Beauteous moon beams so vain,
Demon morphing feels the bane.
Glorious freedom from God's rule,
Relishing in agonies devilish cruel.

Delectable crimson so bittersweet,
Disembowelment at furred feet.
An offering to her glorious face,
Longing for her remote embrace.

Bespelled by his celestial mistress,
Hopeful for a midnight tryst.
Her essence reflected in his eyes,
Glowing hunger horrors arise

Amber eyes a bone-chilled sight.
One darkened lonely night.
Claws extend towards his love,
Alas idol beauty from up above.

Shattered silence mournful howl,
Orb deifier from hell's bowel.
Epic distance just out of reach,
A moon ignorant of vexed beseech.

He bathes in her harvest moonlight
One darkened lonely night
Her iridescence sublime,
Cursed evermore till ends of time.