Written by: samantha townsend

When i look at you, i see beautiful.
Each day with you is like the morning dew, the drop that sets glistening on
the leaf, refreshing and brand new.

Your voice is like a symphony, playing hypnotizing notes and i'm lost in the 
sound, enclosed.
Your smile is as bright as the sun, rising over the mountain top
and shining into my valley, awaking all that is young.

Eyes that have seen many things, the portal to your soul, i see in them.

A heart that pumps love through your body, i hear it beat when i breath,
as our hearts are one.

Hands that are as smooth as the waves that carry me out to sea, 
lost in your embrace, i'll always be.

I love you more than i could ever explain, and the best thing ever 
is i know you feel the same.