Blanket of Stardust Love

Written by: Linda-Marie SweetHeart

"Blanket of Stardust Love" beneath a blanket of stardust, soft melodious refrain enchants golden moonlight while whispered words of love proclaim affection and devotion sprinkled with snowflakes in horse drawn carriage red velvet box tied with silvery bow, proposing lifelong marriage. as sequined stars illuminate heart pattern of design in wintry atmosphere pure warmth engaged emotions mine an aura of sweet ambiance encircled as true turtledoves caressed by kisses under a blanket of beautiful stardust love. we pledged our special vows 'neath Summer's canopy twilight upon a sandy beach in private alcove of joyous delight through many years of tears and pain of heartache and sharing your love was ever at my side for comforting and caring. these golden years have fashioned journies we conquered together love grows stronger when two blend one even in stormy weather the depth of feelings increases as tender time rolls by but in the end, through thick and thin, there remains you and I. we celebrate our life so grand and thank God everyday for bringing our paths to collide in His own precious way in retrospect fond memories radiate love's glow as stardust hovered over our hearts and started an irreversible flow. *For Gail Angel Doyle's Blanket of Stardust. *Written by: Linda-Marie Sweetheart.