Written by: Terry Komanyane

In the ultimate I ponder and resonates
Sporadic melancholy treading thoughts
Void pneumatic aspirations that perspire in nothingness
The peripheral space spurts erratic waves 
Spewed fantasy and ejaculates conglomeration

Palpitation of erroneous premature baby
That which is not flushed down is a street arching
Vivid escapades flowed sluggish and sticky
Unwinding terrestrial route it’s a dead end
Never to end but in illusion 

Ruminates and castigated spits vomits
Miasma inhalation that draws petrified lunatics
Kindled joyful cleave less than platonic
Lost in haziness of pleasurable moments causing love anguish
Thrusting Warm Velvet labial interior
Sensuousness mesmerized at anatomical fission and fusion

Malodorous soaked sweat-draped dripping bodies
Enclosed, staffed and steam simmering moisture  
Equivocal musty air radiated from euphoric entanglement  
Perplexed awe mouth agape