Beware The Honeyed Tones

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

The whisper of my name, kisses my ears as it lands on the breeze
Gently caressing my senses, each one of them to tease
Falling from the sky,  like the dew drops in the mist
Face turned up for dew drop kisses, not one is to be missed

The dew drops fall as tears, rolling one by one down my cheeks
I catch them and hold them close to keep me happy through the week
The only other thing I have to keep me happy through the day
Is knowing that I have you, even though you are far away

My heart you know is yours, you promised to keep it safe from harm
There are impostors trying to take my place and your feelings for me disarm
They creep on in with honeyed tones and flatter with dubious lips
Remember though it is my hand that sooths away pain with fingertips

Whisper to me my name and send it with your dreams
I will awaken you with kisses on dawn’s waking daylight beams
It will be my arms surrounding you not some honey coated femme
Until then remember I love you and I will prove it, when we meet again

I am gonna have to get a job and stop reading mushy books