Daddy Issues

Written by: Sharon Morken

World is full of witches
I'd love to write on them with stitches
Would you like to talk about your daddy issues,
I got time, lets break out some tissues

You say you want honesty
Your reaction while receiving is deceiving 

Your say you and your man share many loving moods
Why am I sitting at a bar watching you hit on another dude
Yours is at home, if he knew he'd regret
Waiting for you in front of your television set

When you come home tossed
He'll make you food while you feel lost
You know you should give yourself to him
Your denying him the right to get in

You want him to beg for you
 Just keep doing what you chose
Your love soon enough will be dismissed
He wont be around to kiss. 

Happens with one man, ok
Happens with the second
Happens with the third man, yikes
Maybe a therapist in your future isn't out of sight