A Hello Goodbye

Written by: Audonus Taylor

Big Man on the campus with his 
Popular to all who know 
not the canvas of your dreams.
The screams from the crowd 
match the ones inside yourself.
Unseen is your identity 
because you hide yourself...
But why? Do not believe you 
have to be a certain guy.
Share your words with the world 
instead of trying to live a lie.

You're a writer with the spirit of a 
the brighter remnants of a lion, 
but trying to be a fighter with one 
Please say Goodbye to all this one 
The pigskin is going to end for you 
but your pen will truly get you 

Be brave and bear what only you 
know you see.
The powerful passion pending for 
properly penned poetry.
The alliteration let's you know it's 
The you from seven years coming.
Otherwise who could surmise devices
get your heart pumping.
The literary kind that keeps your 
brain stem
Jumping on your every thought while
you're on the field running.

Your bestfriend drowning before your 
When you were six and already had 
growing sense of pride...
You wouldn't let them see you cry!
You wouldn't let them see you cry!
You blamed yourself, the guilt you 
And never could answer why
It happened...
Which caused a snapping
You could hardly control
Two years later your mom is caged
and you were eight years old...

Your dad is hardly around
He's more whisper than sound
The only thing that keeps you sane
is the game that you found
That barely helps you ease your 
You're hitting people on the line
But despite allowed violence
You are angry all the time!!!...

So, please, write it now.
This is what you write about.
Because I promise somehow
this will help you fight it out.
The words will be your only help 
Trust this along with something else:
Writing is Hello to your elation
And Goodbye to your former self.