loans 2

Written by: Ace X

In pakistan brothers just dnt understand , shits sweet on the other side of every green grass i told god id let him take my life for that of everyone else so its only fair i demand my khyber pass where feens could catch frezze of my knee cap Mr. Afridi what do you think about that? war on terror more like war on whatever, for the cream and the cheader we get it in any weather. How you going to go against a cause that lives in caves, work in insnae conditions, have no tongues, and they make guns with their bare hands.

Its easy to judge but its hard to see once u had envy toward me but u dnt know ive reached a lowest point like a hiv and youre still thinking do her but ive reached my lowest point like  a colombian street kid living in a  sewer, and you think its okay like that.

iam not strong because iam  not weak iam strong becasue i can feel into the abyss live your dash