A Few More Drops

Written by: Nestor David Armas

I used to carry
An empty glass,
Never would I admit
And kept hidden,
With a smile on my face
I masqueraded,
When she came around
Pitcher in hand,
Without thinking
I held my glass out,
She spilled a few drops
And my eyes lit up
I thirsted but I refrained,
She started to pour
Glass half full,
I took a sip
Then I drank
Timidly at first
But then I drenched
My palate,
This was unlike
Anything I've ever had,
My cup overflowed
And I a fool
Thought it would
Never run dry,
But here I am now
My glass shattered
I am empty again,
Thirst come heavy
With want,
If I had a taste
Once more,
I would cherish
Every measure
But no other liquid
Will ever appease,
This drought
In my soul,
In my heart,
I will forever yearn
But for a few more drops from her...