Picturing Stardust And Dreams

Written by: Deb Wilson

The branches of the whispering trees are woven with the sky.
They're forming lacy patterns as a tear falls from my eye.

So awestruck from the wonderment of moonlight-driven madness.
Now sparkling stardust blankets me and hinders all my sadness.

Warmed by the twinkling lights on high and drifting in the night.
I feel the dreams of yesteryear that brought me to this light.

The angels dance before me now well-cloaked in happy spirit.
A silence falls upon the earth but I no longer hear it.

As stars piece through the dark facade my feet begin to slide.
Across the heaven scented sky the moon begins to glide.

Dawn awakes,the stars slip down then slowly fade away.
Before they go they wink at me thus I begin my day.

written by Deb Wilson
December 26th, 2012
for "Blanket of Stardust "contest