The Dream


It was only images within a dream,
Radiance fills me at the visual stream.
Time stood still for a moment in space,
Age left no marks upon my face.
Basking in the sweet, warm sunshine,
Carefree youth was once again mine.
Crutches and wheelchairs stood unused,
Children were no longer abused.
Wings of ivory feather graced all,
Glorified with God's merciful call.
Halos glowed with a golden light,
Bestowed to all, who had taken flight.
Heralding joyous imbued the sky,
As a patient angel bid me to fly.
I refused to take his outstretched palm,
Solid ground was a sweet safety balm.
He shook his head, smiled and replied,
"Trust me, close your eyes." Resigned I sighed
He places something in my reluctant hand,
This was just too odd to understand.
I awake with sweat upon my brow,
This was much more than a dream somehow.
For tightly clenched in my shaking hand,
Was a pure white feather from the man.