Doomsday Revisited

Written by: John Posey

The Mayans were an intelligent lot, At least that’s what I’m told. So I sat around for umpteen years Just waiting for Doomsday to unfold I watched as some around me Sold everything they had. While others took the attitude, Awww, It won’t be all that bad. There were many other seers – We’ve heard them in the past. They predicted things like earthquakes, Or some atomic blast. Well, the date that we read into That gigantic Mayan wheel Was actually unimportant And really no big deal. We put so much importance On things that all began When, perhaps, we used bad ciphering By some old grey-haired man. Did he know of the importance Of things he did that day? Or did he sit there figurin’ On tricks that he could play? So, I’m left to sit and wonder. Where would we be today? Suppose he’d dropped a decimal point Could doomsday be another day? Written By John Posey 12/24/12