gene pool

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Gene Pool

How can we look at a child and kill it, by using “it”
we have distance us from the child they are no longer
unique, but just an expendable extension of us.
The intense love we have for a lost child is the grief
of our own demise…it is the only proof we ever lived
the loss of a gene, inconceivable future transgression.
A child killed in a drone attack in Pakistan stir us less 
than the sight of a bunny rabbit run over; how sad it 
had to die, but it crossed the road. A naked Jewish boy 
in front of a mass grave, his cap hiding his modesty, 
I condemn all mankind for his demise, he is our cruel 
gene based viciousness, the survival of the genus and 
for it to survive there is no room for compassion.
A man who kills children weather by drone or gun kills 
himself and forever he shall walk in nights shadow.