You Whisper Softly To Me

Written by: Johnny Pyro

You whisper softly to me
and I enchanted, respond to be
You whisper me from a distance
and I reply demure in silence
You whisper softly to me as your hazel eyes 
sing, revealing unsung tributaries, dreams and realities
Your inviting lips lusciously unfurl with savory tales
You listen to me and I am demystified
Your face a vacuum- formula that initiates my creativity              
You whisper softly to me
And I am left speechless, resuscitated and quenched simultaneously
You whisper softly to me
And I am stilled in suspensions of grace
You whisper from a distance
And I am captivated as you appear dedicated 
Your sway whispers sensually
And I am forced to redefine, explore and reexamine the definition of beauty
You whisper softly 
And I can only imagine what it’ll be like, having you in my arms forever.