The Buffalo Theory

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

A little light lesson in some facts of life, if you have a just a moment or two
The buffalo herd can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo, you know that is true
When the herd is hunted the weakest at the back are tragically killed off first
This selection is good for the herd, except the slow buffalo, this news is the worst.
It’s good for the herd because the speed and health of the group can then grow
By killing of the weakest and sickly ones that normally would keep the herd slow

It is much the same with man we find the similar principles apply
The human brain can operate, only as fast as the slowest brain cells can fly.
Excessive intake of alcohol, we know attacks and kills the brain cells first
But naturally as in the buffalo the weakest and slowest come off the worst.

The theory behind this is, regular consumption of alcohol eliminate cells that are weak
Making the brain a faster more efficient machine, growing week by week.
That why you always feel smarter and faster after a few alcoholic drinks
So you find that drinking is good for you, contrary to what everybody thinks.

Have one on me and “A Happy New Year to you all”
© 26/12/2012