Critically Talented

Written by: Aleasha Martin

Critically talented is he…
Watch him paint you a portrait
And design your graphics
Graphically in depth gradually
Peacefully mastering his art
His hands are designed to outline the impossible
His colors vibrant and the easel close to heart

Critically talented is he…
Take your cookbook you wrote
Remix your favorite recipes
Deliciously sweet inspirations…take notes
Delicate scents linger to the sound of destiny
Candles flicker to the sound of your melody
As the scent of his food with the melody flow through me

Critically talented is he…
Critically cookin’ and remixin’ recipes
Mending your broken easel with season
To ease your worried mind for whatever reasons
Consciously drawing a portrait of tomorrow
And giving away your borrowed and broken sorrow
Passionate he is and critically talented is he

By: Aleasha Martin