I Resolve to not have any New Years Resolutions

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

No New Years resolution
You may be wondering why
I'm really not just lazy
I have given them a try

Each year a dissapointment
Not sure why they didn't last
I start out so quickly
but the end came just as fast

I spend money on the gym
Then only go a few days
I don't follow the routine
I go back to my old ways

I've tried to go on diets
So that I could get in shape
Nothing I do is working
My stomach's a giant grape

What about all the reading
That I was going to do
I started with a large stack
But ended up reading few

So no more resolutions
I live my life day by day
Forget the dissapointment
I like it better this way

Disclaimer, actually an active guy, somewhat in shape( for a Fifty one year old guy) 
not looking for any diet suggestions ha ha. Enjoy and good luck with your resolutions.