Written by: Goode Guy

Thank you for my sentience
and giving me time to use it
thanks too, for some ebullience
and wisdom given to choose it

Thank you for lovely scents
wafting toward my memories
giving some sweet recompense
building up life's treasuries

Thanks too for social networks
that don't have any electrons
looking you face-to-face upon
unmirrored smiling reflection

Thank you baby for gurgled smile
thanks too for childish messes
thanks for making life versatile
playing with all of its blessings

Thanks for those tears of sorrow
that have balanced my emotions
and for friends straight as arrows
who laugh at my crazy notions

Thank you for the angst I feel
thank you for the rippled water
for what my contemplations reveal
thinking deeper, because I ought to

Thanks for occasional epiphanies
broadening my view of meaningful
sensed free will, to give me please
and times with you, spent peacefully 

Thanks for all the minutia of days
thanks for life's resilient mixture
thanks for graciously given praise
that helps reveal a bigger picture

© Goode Guy 2012-12-07