Written by: Yesha Shah

When the twinkles shimmer in the cloudless night And the dreamy moon is shining bright When shooting stars streak silver across the sky, Angelic babies hushed asleep by a sweet lullaby, Wrap me cozy in the blanket of stardust. When snowflakes waft and the icy winds blow Specs of gold in the dark as fireflies aglow... When starry Andromeda casts her magic spell And the longing of a lovelorn heart is easy to tell, Wrap me warm in the blanket of stardust. When it is stark and cold, pitch black outside And mirroring through eyes, my feelings tide Ride on Pegasus, my knight in shining armor Galloping away to our castle, me and my charmer Wrap me secure in the blanket of stardust. When Angels sprinkle their Pixie-dust from above And I bask in the Celestial glitter of Love When the incessant longings of the heart cease A journey quenching desires leading to release, Wrap me close in the blanket of stardust. When the shiny eyes droop and begin to haze An aching soul surrenders as hopes faze Lend me your shoulder to shed a pearly tear Beneath the diamond studded canopy, hold me near.. Wrap me Love in the blanket of stardust. When shadows eclipse the Sun of my life Engulfing daylight, darkness with sorrows rife.. Blaze my world like bright million galaxies Whisk me forever to the land of iridescent fantasies, Wrap me eternally in the blanket of stardust. Yesha Shah 26th Dec 2012