The Music of My Soul

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

And someone across the land fell asleep
Wondering for the flashback which slithered around the cerebrums and beats
Turbulences perched, paralyzing every moments in hue
But the shook grew the dreams, the hopes when I'm with you

A tale behind the beauty of a classic Sakura 
The fable hid the bliss upon the million scenes called love
Recalled by the moment is a gift
Even the journey of day and night had to pass.... Revealing the mist....

You are the tune of a past
Every strings which had played, remind me of a grasp
Every chants of a song, resembled the moments of two 
Every tears which had dropped, drew the embrace of you

Every stupid chapter
Every comfort zone
Every felicity which crafted
Released me from the ice-block

For you are the tone of my bars
For you are the music of my soul
The most beautiful tone that was born 
Fulfill every space of my empty soul ...