the first thing

Written by: andrew delapruch

didn’t seem to notice the way
that they _________ when your
eyes met theirs…didn’t seem to
notice it at all.

didn’t think about anything except
their beautiful ________ & their
sexy _______ & all in all,
the butterflies roamed free in the 
stomach, making what seemed to be
a mundane life before,
exciting now.

as the frequency of your rendezvous 
began to increase, the heart rates 
pitter-pattered faster & faster,
told all your friends, family, started to
invest larger portions of your time
to each other &

remember the first time that they had
_________?  you don’t, really, because
when it happened first, you ignored it, or
perhaps your whole body/mind were so
overcome with their presence & the 
newness of the thing that in the moment
_________ never really bothered you at

but now, now that the 
is dwindling, 
this thing, this
which seemed like nothing before,
seems like the first in a series of dominoes
bent on the inevitable destruction of
something that had been established solely on
the grounds of