Write Me Letters

Written by: Allison Ballard

Write me Peruvian letters
as you let the coffee simmer
on the white washed burner
as you laugh like you would among friends
as you languidly 
cross your brown leather shoes
which meld into the corduroy couch

Rio Piedras owns my taciturn feet
with its piss grey streets
about which I float
like a dirty napkin
waiting to be stuck
like a fish in  a net
waiting to join 
my egg shell heart
which forever feels the crunch
of its misdirection

I'm like a kite full of holes
or the trimmed ends of a rose
what I bear is not beautiful

and even so, it's all I have
it's all I am...

the child of an arcane god
mistress of mistake
an empty soul
with not a single word
to fill me

So write me Spanish letters
between Santiago and Quito
pressed with coffee rings in the pages
like all the darkness in my eyes
I can't fight
I just need something more

to run from...