free cee MR FINE TO FIVE

Written by: jeffry cohan

Damn, i'm condemned to live in a world where 
animals talk in advertisements i can't bear
and scantily clad wome, sexy as they can be
try to sell crap to destitute junkies such as me
it's no wonder i shoot dope and try to escape
because what mankind is doing is akin to rape
they rape the forests, the women and "God
while i simply choose to remain on the nod
for i live in a state of fear for the state of mankind
and i'm almost certain God must be out of is holy mind
doesn't anyone notice that it's all about money?
and dig it, i can't conceive of a way comedians find anything funny
how can anyone laugh with this depressing state of affairs
damn, no one gives a damn and certainly no one cares
then there are those Mr. nine to fives, all they do is arise
they stretch and then put on their power ties
as if anyone in this word really has any power
at this most critical and delatory hour
where commercials with animals move their lips
man, it's jus so uncool and so totally un-hip
and who the f*ck buys that junk while others are deprived?
why, you know who, it's those Mr. nine to fives
i warch as they perform like organ grinder monkeys
well, all i can say is compared to them i'm proud to be a junkie
   (c) 2012...copyright 2012 PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~