ways of living VII

Written by: andrew delapruch

rather than be seen as
“the type that gets angry,”
as “the type that loses
his/her cool,” as “the
misanthrope,” “the 
psychotic,” “the 
miserable *****,” “the
old bitter ****,” “the
lonely ol’ shrew,” or
“the colossal prick,”
s/he finds that the only 
way to face anyone in
public is to act in complete
contradiction concerning
the real feelings exploding
inside him/her & though this
strategy can keep him/her
in check & keep those 
around them from taking
offense or from acting
accordingly, as one might
after being assaulted by 
this person’s actual feelings,
there is no doubt that said 
individual is a walking 
time bomb & 
it’s only a matter of time.