Her Mask

Written by: Noble Smalls

She thought she loved herself, another lie told to the vision in the mirror.  In the back of her mind she wanted more loving and the attention received. 
 She became a chance when different dates became endless men that conquered her body.  Time worn the broken hearted touches with different men that used their chances to advanced using her beauty as an excuse.  Words chosen carefully a smile grace her face, covered by the mask.
Body now worn and torn with sinful touches of flesh that burden not only her heart but force her to not love her own face or body.  Make up became a mask and a deadly smile that told her story.  Once she was beautiful naturally though her hateful and vindictive ways caught and destroyed the most beautiful part inside.
Personality change
She’ll never be the same by the time her innocents lost, curiosity and the need for attention cost her more.  How many men can her heart love?  Just words, also heard from different types of men she begged for them to just say it, “Please say it.” Words spoken “I Love You,”  and lust took control.
Can she change?
What will she be like in 25 of her years, cried rivers of tears that in time blinded her eyes?  Baby Girl beauty is only skin deep.  Slow down your temptations your body and mind has taken the damage. Learn to love yourself, Mentally, you can’t hide behind your mask forever.