Dean'o O'Daniel

Written by: Mike Conway

A small dinosaur named Dean'o O'Daniel
was a special one,
who grew up near the Florida panhandle
and the only son
To his single mother Sam O'Daniel

See Dean'o had a love
to where he could escape and drift away
to another place
 and play a simple game of basketball

Schoolmates would just laugh
As he walked with a ball under his arm
to his every class
Saying "Dean'o's not a real dinosaur"
Especially when
They found out he was not a carnivore
So he did not hunt
and for all this little Dean'o was shunned

Dean'o had enough
He went out to a quiet place alone
and said to himself
"Why am I the only one who is small,
not eat any meat,
And always love to play some basketball?"
"I just want my dad
and feel normal and just fit in with all"

As he shed a tear
A deep soft voice appeared to him and said
" Dean'o dont you know,
That so many good times lie right ahead?
I know you feel low
and right now nothing really makes much sense
But I promise you
That all this hurt and confusion will end."

"And please tell me why,
You want to be normal or like the rest?"
Shocked, Dean'o replied,
" Because I simply have no confidence."
The deep voice then said
" You're short height gives you a feisty toughness,
no meat keeps you pure
and the love for basketball only means
you are passionate."