The Sky and the Stars - I'm Sorry

Written by: Aaron Guttery

I'm sorry for not being a good enough brother,
I'm sorry for putting you down, and always making fun of,
all of the things that I thought were funny,

and now I realized I was only hurting you, deserting you,
on a desert where each grain of sand was hate,
I'm sorry that me and my friends made you feel that way.

Right now, I just want you to know,
I love you with all that I got, and there's nothing more,
that I want to see, but to see you grow up as a man.
I wanna see you stand tall, and I know that you can.

And if anything I just want you to see, 
that you're my brother and you don't know how much that means to me

When I think about it, a tear comes to my eyes.
When I think about all the times that I've seen you cry.
And when I look up into the sky, I realize  I've been blind.
Cause I've never seen so many things, in one place at one time.

And I realize that what you're feeling is like the sky and the stars.
So many of them, that you can't see them , cause most of 'em are to far.

It's hard to push through it, so you gotta try hard.
And I know that you can do it, you just gotta hold on.

Cause in the end, every thing isn't so much what it seems.
So no matter what, just remember me.
You'll always be my brother, we'll be together eternally.