if anyone has heard from or seen VIENNA tell her we are still poetry there

Written by: jeffry cohan


“That’s the way a cookie always crumbles”
And how sneakers in the clothes dryer tumbles
It’s also the way the ocean and its waves are tossed
And now I’ll describe the ways in which I keep getting lost

I would come upon and plod a pristine purple and pink path
But that path would lead to a road raging with rampant wrath
I’d come upon a quaint little cabin that would become a house built of pain
With a roof riddled by the unreasonable that couldn’t protect me from the rain

I’d find a sunny stained-glass window that would darken even in daylight
I’d find the safety in a lady’s embrace that would soon turn to fright
I’d happen upon a place wherein I could hide from a world in which I don’t fit in
Or I’d find a devoutly devoted woman whose sanctity suddenly turned into sin

So I may as well be a cookie, sneakers in a dryer or a well threatened sea
Because the temptation of a pristine path often leads to where I don’t want to be
The silence of a comfortable cabin suddenly begins to speciously speak
And every time I find a cabin like that the roof always seems to leak
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