Written by: Anthony Slausen

if you could ,
would you come home with me?
Far far far away from your three ring circus dream.
Far far far away from your masters steel eyed hook,
the one that broke the joints of your spirit

They dress you in sparkle and silly caps,
happycottoncandied music fills your ears.
They pile a half ton of uncaring on your back...
your master cant look anybody in the eye,
while he's counting your crash.
Its a wonder you haven't already snapped your chains,
stomped the barker and his clowns into far far far away.

come Home with me.
we'll stroll a few acres, roll a muddy pool
so you can wash away those greedy green-eyed fools. 
We'll weave pleasant elephant memories, 
i'll bring along a sac of your favorite treats.
Sing you songs from mother india... 
and when your/our time has come
set you down so very gently 
between dreams made of ivory...