a day before christmas

Written by: jan oskar hansen

A Day Before Christmas 

The night in Cascais looks enchanting, coloured light 
Farris wheel and decorated streets… across the bay
I see the village of Estoril, where ex kings used to live; 
there is a big Casino and I went there once, I know
what hell looks like blinking light and hypnotized eyes.
A man once won a large sum of money, casinos must
see to it that someone wins to keep the hope alive 
for other punters, who will gamble more in the hope 
to win riches and be happy. Greed is a fervent wish to
 find security and gladness, but one cannot have too
much money the hunt for vague contentment goes on.
What happened to the winner? Did he buy a house 
and a Ferrari? Or did he think that if he won once more
he would be really happy. I can see, from my terrace 
that behind bright light there is a gloomy darkness of 
utter despair. I wonder if the lucky winner lives there.